How Taking My Business Online Helped Increase our Exposure

digital marketingNot too long ago, our business was somewhat stagnant.  We were not reaching new customers, and things we just sort of dead in the water.  We were able to stay afloat because we have some good existing customers, but when they slowed down we slowed down, and that spelled real trouble for us as a small business.

A friend talked to me about trying to find customers online.  Using sites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook to generate new customers was something foreign to me, but I was certainly interested in listening to what he had to say.

He put my in touch with Josh through the Badger SEO Yelp Page.  I had a very enlightening conversation with him about how no one is using phone books any more, and he showed me how many times people were searching Google for the products and services my business offers.  We talked about digital marketing, and to be honest, that was a jaw dropping moment for me.

At the point of that conversation I had a website, but it was doing nothing for me, and I did not have any social media presence at all.  I guess I was a great example of someone who was not utilizing the internet to spread the word about my awesome business!  Luckily for me, that soon changed.

After a few conversations, I decided to take things to the next step.  Badger SEO had me fill out a simple discovery form, and then within a few days they had a complete online marketing plan in place for me.  They said their goal was to help my business dominate page 1 of Google, not just get 1 spot!  To be honest, that was music to my ears because they showed me how many people were searching for goods and services in my business.

They explained that SEO was not a fast process, and that if I wanted to get there the right way we had to take things slow.  Most people go for fast rankings, and end up messing things up by breaking the rules Google has or doing things in a manner they do not approve of, which ultimately gets their websites penalized.  That was definitely not something I wanted to happen to my site, so I let the experts do their thing!

After 2 months, I started seeing some serious results.  I had a YouTube video on page 1, my website on page 2, along with my Yelp and Manta listing.  Considering that just 60 days prior, I had no properties showing up anywhere, this was just amazing for me to see.

Yes I know, page 2 won’t get you business, but after about 45 more days I had 4 page 1 listings, including my business listing in the Google Maps!  True to their word, this was total niche domination!

If you ever want to get serious about increasing your visibility online I suggest you get in touch with Badger SEO.  You can check out their Facebook page or just Google them and see what you turn up.  They are a SEO company that has integrity, and gets results.

Here is a good video about SEO in 2016:

My Thoughts on the Health Rumors of Milwaukee Wisconsin

milwaukee wisconsinWhen it comes to health and fitness, there is a rumor floating around out there that Milwaukee Wisconsin is not exactly a place for fit, trim, and health minded people.  Is this true?  Is Milwaukee that bad?  We know it is the beer capital of the U.S., and we know brats and cheese seem to be an every day part of the diet, but perhaps, that could be a myth as well!  In this short post I will reveal the results my investigation into this matter has yielded, if any.

Some quick research from USA Today, and other sources revealed that Milwaukee was NOT one of the fattest cities in the United States.  Now, for the big (yea, it’s pun) Packers fans in Green Bay, it’s a different story!  Green Bay ranks 9th as the fattest city in the United States, and touts and obesity rate of 33%!  Seems like the good folks of Green Bay might want to play some football, as opposed to sitting and watching re runs of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers throwing touchdown passes!

Rockford Illinois is pretty close to Milwaukee as well, and comes in at 10th, just slightly trimmer and fitter than Green Bay.  So there are biggens in and around Milwaukee, but as far as the city limits go Milwaukee has avoided the top 10 for now.  People are less likely to search Google for liposuction Milwaukee than they are in a city like Yakima, Washington, which comes in at 4th!  On a more serious note, if you struggle with your weight, and have tried but think you might need a service like liposuction don’t hesitate because a healthier weight will do you body good!  Go to to find a doctor.

Overall, our country is getting fatter, and it is not just people in one state or area, it is everywhere. People are becoming less and less active, and healthy eating often times gets thrown out the window due to hectic schedules. People choose convenience over quality, and our waste lines are showing!

One thing that bothers me, is how we are letting our kids get away with inactivity.  I have 3 littles myself, and it annoys me to no end when they want the tablet, or the phone.  While I do think some time learning electronics is fine, it seems as though the more you give that to them the more they want it.  Heck, I have had to practically call in the National Guard to get my son to relinquish the tablet, so I know how it goes.

We do try our very best to get the kids outside.  Use their bodies and minds to have fun.  Manufacture fun, like I had to do when I was a kid.  Bikes, scooters, building forts, playing kick the can, whatever it takes, just go out and play!

Us adults have a choice too!  We can either set good examples, or we can set bad ones.  If our kids see us sitting on our asses watching TV for 6 hours, they will think that is normal.  So be aware that the decision you make are directly affecting someone elses life as well!

Well, here ends my rant.

In closing, we have discovered that Milwaukee is not as bad as people think, and from what I have discoverd there are a lot of companies working to heklp their employees be more active and fit.  There are more community events happening every year that encourage people to get out, enjoy life and be active.  After all, we only get 1 life and we should live it, right?

Thanks for reading, and make it a great day!